Make ending poverty our national mission

Cllr Ed Davie

Traditionally the right has suggested that those in poverty are poor and unhealthy because they make bad choices. It is true that the poorer you are the more likely you are to smoke, eat unhealthily, drink problematically and exercise less. But the evidence is also very clear that people do not make choices in a…


Young workers and trade unionism

Becky Wright

We are now ten years from a financial crisis which has had long lasting impacts on our economy. One group of workers that have been most affected by it are millennials who have seen a stagnation in earnings, under use of skills and experience first hand the emergence of the ‘gig economy’ or working practices…

HA0489 - M25 Junction 8 to 11. November 2009.

Creative solutions

Chi Onwurah MP

Tackling regional inequality and building an economy that works for everyone will need a strong industrial strategy. Chi Onwurah outlines Labour’s approach Britain is a nation of makers and creators. As a young girl growing up in Newcastle, the examples of Stephenson, Parsons – that’s Rachel Parsons, the pioneering engineer and founder of the Women’s…